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The importance of a consistent brand image

Having a consistent and professional brand image is one of the most important aspects when growing a successful business. It is the FIRST thing your potential clients see, before they even inquire with you! Putting in more time to focus on my own brand image and business has opened so many doors for me! Elevating and creating my brand image has:

  • Allowed me to quit my 8-5 job and stay home with my son
  • Booked my ideal clients
  • Exceed my booking goal for 2022 (going from 5 weddings in 2021 to over 20 in 2022)
  • And surpassed numerous other goals and plans for my business…

All because I dedicated time to growing a consistent brand and presented myself in a way I knew would attract the right clients.

When you take a step back from your business, and you give it a general overview, does it make you excited? Does it present your best work? Does it share YOU and who YOU are as a person in how you run your business? Does it present your business in its best light with a consistent brand palette and imagery? Does it tell your story?

OR does it…

Showcase some of your work but maybe not your greatest work? Lack consistency in your editing or general aesthetic. Not highlight who you are and why you’re good at what you do? Visually not reflect your brand colors and look piece-y?

As you take a step back and begin to nit pick a first impression as you glance at your website, client materials, social media pages, etc, you’ll begin to notice a few areas that may work in your favor, and you may notice areas you could elevate and improve to create a consistent and unique look. This is okay! It’s okay to find areas you can improve and elevate your brand image. The biggest thing to keep in mind as you do anything design-related for your business, or when presenting your brand on social media, is to ensure that you are representing the best version of you and your business that will attract the right clients.

Do you feel like you have areas to improve for your brand image? Beginning April 18th, I’ll be hosting an exclusive 5 Day Challenge to elevate your brand image. Sign up below to join!