A guide to efficiently creating EFFECTIVE social content for your ideal client

Content Creation


Teaching my ways to creating libraries of content and planning for social media


I’m so excited that you’re here to learn all about efficiently creating effective content for your ideal clients. Let’s be honest, the thought of all of this can sound like A LOT. But I promise you, once we go through this guide together you will be efficiently creating content that attracts your ideal audience, and serves them with what will best fit their needs. And the more your audience is served, the easier it is to have repeat clients and business for you! 


Course Content


I truly believe that before you can be creating effective content, you need to know WHO your ideal client is. 

• Determine who your ICA is
• Learning how to do Market Research for your Ideal Client
• Video, templates & workbook to help through the lesson

Determining your Ideal Client



Once you know who your Ideal Client is, it's important to have a cohesive visual appearance and goal in mind to attract them and serve your business.

• Learn DIY ways to creating your own brand
• Learn importances of colors of your brand
• Video, templates & workbook to help through the lesson

Creating your Brand Identity Guide



Within this lesson I share the ways I create a library of the messaging to share in my posts and ways that it can be reused.

• Prompts & questions to create a library of messaging
• Learn how to speak directly to your Ideal Client
• Video, templates & workbook to help through the lesson

Creating a Library of Context



Sharing the variations of content that you can create and share on social media, and how to create in batches to create a library of resources to pull from. 

• Organizing your content
• Types of content to create/download/share
• Video, templates & workbook to help through the lesson

Creating the Content



In this lesson I share my process for planning out my content per quarter & by month, and how I plan my posts.

• Creating a strategy & plan
• Writing a month's worth (and more) of content to fit your goals
• Video, templates & workbook to help through the lesson

Creating the Strategy & Plan



Now that you know who your ideal client is, you have a library of context, a library of content, and a plan in place, we'll put it all together!

• Using your content libraries
• Scheduling your posts
• Video, templates & workbook to help through the lesson





Sharing my ways to understanding your ideal client, creating a library of resources & planning ahead on your content when promoting your business on social media. 

Content Creation Blueprint

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You could continue running your business one day at a time and hope what you're posting works.

You could continue to struggle reaching your ideal audience and scaling your business

You could continue spending hours and hours coming up with content and living behind a screen.

It could be overwhelming...

You could spend less time behind the screen posting day to day and more flexibility in your schedule.

You could have a plan & strategy behind how you create content for your business.

You could run your business from a place of purpose, confidence, and peace of mind.

...or it could be simplified!

With 8 years in the design world and 6 years in the Wedding Industry, I've developed a passion for combining the two and creating useful templates & resources that not only elevate your brand, but work seamlessly with one another.

While many business owners have a pretty “looking” brand, I’ve learned there is a disconnect for many between having a brand and understanding their brand, because a brand is so much more than pretty colors and pictures. I’m here to bridge that gap and help creative businesses learn the in’s and out’s of creating a cohesive brand that serves both them and their ideal clients. Defining and elevating my brand in my photography business allowed me to realllllly scale to where I quit my 9-5, nearly doubled my 9-5 salary within the first year of being home, have more flexibility and the opportunity to stay home with my kids.

I'm sharing my knowledge and experience to help other creative businesses do the same.

mama, wife, wedding photographer & designer. Providing resources to help business owners learn & understand their brand 

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Creating an organized and effective process to make posting on social media a breeze. 
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